About us

Marfam Digital Group

We provide a full end to end digital service. From digital marketing and websites to get you more customers to software and quality hosting to give you the back-end systems to run your business easier, quicker and cheaper. 

Our Brands

To learn more about our services please go to their website. 

Marfam Digital

Marfam Digital offers a full suite of digital marketing and website services.

Marfam Software

The best place to find a wide range of software for your business

Marfam Website

the easiest place to build, host and maintain a WordPress site with everything you need from plugins, support and more

Marfam Hosting

One place for all your hosting needs including software, web builders and security

About Marfam Group

The name Marfam is a combination of our surname MARtin and FAMily as Marfam Group is a group of companies owned by members of our family. When the Covid pandemic hit some of the companies were affected so we created the group to provide support and stability for companies owned by our family members. We then rebranded each company under the Marfam brand to keep consistency.

Our Director

Peter Martin (pictured right) runs the group. In 2013 after teaching in college he started a training company and is now involved in other sectors including tech, healthcare and property as well as various charities.